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Adolescent adult contact male pre

adolescent adult contact male pre

(1988 Standardization of Lipid, Lipoprotein and Apolipoproetin Measurements, Clinical Chemistry, 34:.
(1994 The Effects of Weight Loss by Exercise or by Dieting on Plasma High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) levels in men with low, Intermediate, and Normal-to-high 1-IDL at Baseline.
5 Fahey,.D., Insel,.M.
Physical working capacity (PWC) as determined by VO2 max increases from preadolescents through adolescents to adulthood.
This gradual increase in systolic blood pressure is attributed to the increase in height and weight from preadolescents to adolescent and growth associated hormonal modification in both males and females (Williamson, 1993; Fahey, et al 2003).Although systolic and diastolic blood pressures for preadolescents, adolescents and adults significantly differs, they were all within, the normal acceptable range for their respective age group-suggesting that they were all normal in their cardiovascular health.At the same time this appeared to be an indication of relatively strong hearts, indicating low risk levels for the onset of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and strokes among these subjects (Hoeger Hoeger, 2002).A Report of the Surgeon General at a Glance Atlanta,.A:.S.In this regard growth hormone (GH) and thyroid hormone (TH) are considered responsible for preadolescent growth, while gonadal steroids, especially, their interaction with growth harmone (GH) and (IGH) 1 are of primary importance for the acceleration of growth rate at puberty (Prader, 1984).Scheffes post hoc test showed that these significant differences were due to significant mean differences between pre-adolescents group sex offenders register qld and other two groups and between adolescents and adults in both height and weight.Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription, 3rd Edition, Human Kinetics, Published in Canada.Based on the findings of this study, it was suggested that tracking of changes in blood pressure, fat content and lipoprotein profiles be started early in life, and physical education should form the basis of intervention against sedentary lifestyle.

Although, female have greater body fat percent and lesser physical working capacity (PWC) in different age groups, their TC and HDL-C levels are not significantly different from their male counterparts.
One way analysis of variance (anova-1) was performed for differences between preadolescent, and adolescent and adult group in their Height (CM) and weight (Kg) as shown in table two (1) below: Table.
The observations made in this study could be explained on the basis of the fact that the subjects used in this study had no history of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, therefore glucose level may not change from the normal range (Betteridge, 1997).
Percent body fat was calculated based on age and sex using skinfold prediction equation formular (Slaughter et al, (1988 Jackson and Pallock, 1980).
An alternative explanation is that the subject were non-obese and not overweight.(2000 Quantifying the Association between Habitual Energy Expenditure and Blood Pressure, International Journal of Epidemiology, 29:655-660.Department of Health and Human Services, 91996 Physical Activity and Health.Non-fasting blood sample (3mml) were taken and was put into a heparinized tools for blood sugar analysis.New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.Though what would have once required an hour or more can now be accomplished in a few minutes by pressing a button.

(1993 Descriptive Epidemiology of Body Weight and Weight Change.S.
Topography of body fat composition, blood pressure and lower physical fitness were found to be risk factors of cardio vascular disease.