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Eastern European women data

eastern European women data

The Eurogenes K13 and Jtest oracles suggest shared Slavic ancestry for all members of the block, with Polish offered as a guess for most.
My father and I also have a half-segment on chromosome 7 that is painted South Baltic and Gedmatch measures our sharing of it up.1 cM with a triangulating group that includes one non-Jewish Pole and many Ashkenazim.
I looked up her K36 results and they show.26 East Central Europe, zero safe dates for sex after periods Eastern Europe, and.33 Volga-Ural.
This, he says, is within the typical range.1 to 1 for this element in people of fully Ashkenazic recent ancestry at 23andMe.
For example, at least six of them have zero scores for the East Mediterranean, Near Eastern, Armenian, and Arabian ethnic affinities per Eurogenes K36 while a seventh has zero scores for all except East Mediterranean.25 which is in noise territory.The half-segment is entirely lacking in the Ashkenazi element per Jtest, unlike on the opposite side of those areas of the chromosome where I do share Ashkenazi and East Mediterranean elements with some Ashkenazim, Syrian Jews, and Latin Americans including a Mexican and a Dominican.Jtest's oracle's Mixed Mode Population Sharing for my genetic profile thinks I'm a good fit (among other guesses) for a person who's.2 Ashkenazic plus.8 Polish, which is relevant for the continuation of this discussion of my results further below in the context.Eurogenes's EUtest estimates I have.31 East European ancestry, while Eurogenes's Jtest estimates.75 for the same component (because some of it got absorbed by its "A.

23andMe estimates his Ashkenazi ethnic component to.1.
Most of their genetics show no evidence of any Ashkenazic ancestry.
Udmurts are a people living in far-eastern Europe in the upper Volga region.
India's largest IT outsourcing firm TCS also has a centre in Hungary.
The professional geneticist James Xue told an inquirer that Ashkenazim on average have 7-8 admixture originating from Eastern Europeans.Other Indian IT firms are exploring the region for talent, as engineering skills are strong in the region.Seth Rogoff stated here that Jtest estimates he has.48 East European ancestry.Most of them descend from places where our Polish ancestors lived."Most of the work Infosys BPO does in Eastern Europe is related to SAP consulting and cost arbitrage, says Abraham Mathews, chief financial officer, Infosys BPO.His Eurogenes K36 results detect.11 of affinities with the East Central European reference samples.Most Ashkenazic R1a holders, including Levites, belong to Asian branches of R1a instead of European ones.He wrote here that all 6 of his component identified as European is also called "Trans-Ural Peneplain" (later renamed "Eastern Europe by myOrigins which refers to the region of the central and southern Ural Mountains and is a component also found in Slavs.