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Women get to know directly

Women human rights defenders are a part of movements for social change.
In 2015 alone, 3,519 women and girls were killed.
While the work these defenders do is courageous, they dont do it alone.
Fullstop 01:17, 8 September 2007 (UTC) Zereshk, to reinterate: "the constricted world of women" described for Esther does indeed quite accurately reflect the lives of women "in ancient Persia but also in contemporary society." Since you proposed that"tion yourself, I take it that.
Until we do, the tag stays.The obviousness of a claim or association, as judged by us editors looking for a job for my wife without looking to sources, is in blatant disagreement with WP:OR, which requires that we rely upon sources in deciding content, and we must cite these sources via intext citations for the purposes.Essentially I'm supporting the system by making sure that this article is not exempt from its content rules (or at least trying to warn the reader of non-compliant content) In fact, I find it a tad offensive that you violate AGF so in characterizing.All three of your"tions are mi"s, only the second one - incidentally, the only one I checked - is a flat out fake.Paintings are depictions, and hence not "accurate representations" by default.And we have an entire section on women in pre-Islamic Persia in the article.If you look at the full painting, youll see her shoes have high heels.The Behnam 06:33, (UTC) Leftover pic edit This was removed because I got rid of the "Mother Goddess" section.But if we cannot (by RS) demonstrate the relevance to the topic for the picture under discussion here, how does are situation differ from the hypothetical 'Queen of England' depiction?Even a majority of a limited group of editors will almost never outweigh community consensus on a wider scale, as documented within policies." "Policies and guidelines document communal consensus rather than creating." "There are a few exceptions that supersede consensus decisions on a page.

Azerbaijani 13:08, (UTC) What difference would it make?
Azerbaijani 20:15, (UTC) Ok, so The Behnam should clearly state his reasons why he thinks the information should not be in the article, then we can get this discussion going.
Start, this article has been rated.
There were no ethnicity tags back then.I even made a talk page section for that particular part.An official decree was issued for that by the King of Iran.We know very little about Zoroaster's society, but it does not appear to have been significantly different from the Indo-Iranian one.No, seriously, you are making the affirmative statement (that she is Persian or Iranian or whatnot so you must source.However I will consider going through each diff and posting 'more' reasoning here, though it is a lot of work to do in response to blind reversion by others.WikiProject Iran, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to articles related.

I don't see why someone needs a source to say the obvious, namely, that a woman on a painting in an Iranian royal palace is relevant to the topic of Iranian women.
I hope it is clear now.
It's reliable because it refers to World Bank, and WB refers to unesco.